Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hero of the Month: Life-affirming Ninja Reclaims Levity of Human Spirit from Propaganda Machine's Pharisaical Tyranny

Shake us out of our quotidian apathy. Cast their sanctimonious airs and regurgitated words in stark relief against the shrieking, primal, naked truth. The innocence of this Holy Fool and his life-affirming appeal to the eternal spirit of the bacchanal will always rise above the monotonous sermons of institutional oppression and its ephemeral constructs. Spring is a comin'.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Bible says that Satan created the snake
to tempt Adam (The Bible, pg. 5)
Snakes are intestines with faces
Their entire body is one big digestive tract
Snakes are carnivores and can eat animals that are
much bigger than them

Snakes hear through vibrations in the ground
When you run away from a snake it will chase after you
because your feet hitting the ground tickles the snake’s belly
and makes it feel good

Eight-year-old boys with subscriptions to
Zoobooks often think snakes are cool.
For this reason, professionals are sometimes
paid to bring snakes to elementary schools for a day

When the snakes break free from their cages
they will find the schools on their own.
because even more than live flesh, snakes crave the
attention and adoration of smiling children.